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You are what you ink

Tattoos tell a story. And in this shop, they tell the story of your healing.

Hi, I'm Tina : )

As the owner of Tina's Ink, I think it's important to share why I love what I do. In my experience of tattooing people, we go on a healing journey together. A lot of my clients come to the sessions carrying a lot of stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, scars, etc.

Our clients have experienced healing through pain therapy as they break through self insecurities and explore what it feels like to be comfortable in their own skin. We focus on calming the mind and connecting with your inner confidence.

Thus, the experience of Therapeutic Tattooing is born. This is the healing combination of Positive Inking and emotional processing through the tattooing experience. And since our sessions are conducted in a private and comfortable setting, it's a safe environment to have a positive tattoo journey in whatever way that looks like for the client.

Tattoo transformation can be a very powerful experience, one that we at Tina's Ink respect and honor.

If this methodology resonates with you, check out our portfolio, or fill out the consultation form.

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At Tina’s Ink, we cover up the past to help break through to the future. Custom designed tattoos with expressive color and white ink. Specializing in the best cover ups and reworks in the industry.

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Free therapeutic tattoo nominations

If you know someone who struggles with sever scaring and think they would like a free tattoo – nominate them here.

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Tattoos by Antoni Sabado, a Santa Fe artist with a unique style.