So you want to get a tattoo…Cool… What are you thinking?

Tattoos are something you can wear with pride your whole life if you think… Before you ink. Let’s answer a few questions to help the process and product a tattoo to be one you can enjoy for a lifetime.

  1. Do you want your tattoo to show when wearing clothing?
  2. Ok, have you thought about where you want it?
  3. Why do you want it there?
  4. Will it hurt a lot to put it there? Tender area?
  5. How big are you thinking?
  6. The bigger the design, the longer it will take to complete, are you ready to make that kind of commitment?
  7. Ok, got ideas about the design you want?
  8. What inspires your idea? Animals, symbols, tribals? Do you want something feminine, colorful, funny, traditional, black and grey? Something symbolic or just different?
  9. have you made sure it is something you love?
  10. Do you do well with pain when knowing it is just for a short time?
  11. Do you realize you will be left with a wound that needs to be treated as such to heal?
  12. Are you one who realizes that life is short and you are an individual who needs to express yourself in your unique statement and that this tattoo will be a mark of who you are?

Time to get going… You are what you Ink!

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