Tattoo Aftercare Information

Recommended aftercare

  • Saniderm
  • Ohana Organics tattoo butter and cleanser H2Ocean Ultimate tattoo Kit
  • (Available at Tina’s ink)

If you use Saniderm for your aftercare:

After 8 to 24 hours you will remove the saniderm wrap. Video on Tina’s ink Instagram for removal or you can watch some other clients own YouTube videos as well for removal and reapplying.

Wash your hands, then wash your tattoo with an antibacterial fragrance free soap and shower warm water. Massage the tattoo and area surrounding till all traces of blood, ointment, and seeping ink are removed and the tattoo feels smooth to the touch. Rinse with cold water.

Let your tattoo air dry and/or pat dry with a clean paper towel. NEVER WIPE. Allow your tattoo to completely dry before applying second saniderm wrap. If not using the second wrap, still allow tattoo to completely dry before applying a small amount of lotion.

Second saniderm wrap, leave on for 3 to 6 days. Remove and wash after the 6 days and lotion as needed but you should be almost if not completely healed.

If you do not use Saniderm for your aftercare

For the first 3 days, wash your tattoo morning and night. After 3 days, switch to washing just once a day, when you shower and get ready.

Follow washing instructions and pat dry with clean paper towel. Apply a super small amount of lotion 2 to 3 times a day as needed. To apply, make little dots all over the tattoo with lotion and massage completely into the skin. This way you are giving an even spread of moisture without over doing it. Rub lotion in completely until dry to the touch. Remember that LESS is MORE so a very little can go a long way.

Your tattoo will flake and peel (just like a sunburn). If you start getting thicker scabbing, make sure you are not keeping your tattoo too moist. Too much lotion can irritate a tattoo. Ease up on lotions if this starts to happen. DO NOT pick, scratch, or mess with your new tattoo. Let it be.

DO NOT soak your fresh tattoo in pools, hot tubs, oceans, fresh water, or baths until healed (up to 2 weeks)

No direct sunlight until completely healed. Once healed, if you can not prevent exposure to the sun then apply maximum strength sun block (spf 45 or higher) to keep your colors looking bright and new.

Keep pets away from your fresh tattoo. If pets sleep in bed with you, wash sheets twice a week to keep a clean environment for your healing.

Healing generally takes about 12-14 days. with saniderm, healing can be 7-10 days.

As long as you follow these instructions and listen to your body, you should have a super easy time with your healing. For any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call, email or text and we will get back with you right away.