Custom designs
I love to create unique original designs that truly capture each client individually. Our body is like our temple and our tattoos are an expression of our personality. Tattoos can tell a story of our journey and I am there to make that story come to life on your skin. I really enjoy working in full color, but also enjoy doing black and grey tattoos.  Bring me your ideas and I will create something perfect for you.

Cover ups and Reworks
Maybe you just didn’t get exactly what you were looking for, or maybe you have an older tattoo that just doesn’t show the details like it used to. This is where I can help. Let me take your old or unwanted tattoo and turn it into something you can be proud to wear. Some cover ups may take multiple sessions depending on the original design, so just keep in mind that pieces of the old tattoo may still show until we do an additional session to make sure everything looks amazing.

White ink tattoos
Sometimes you want a tattoo that really isn’t visible to the eye right away. White ink tattoos are a great way have your tattoo but not have it stand out to the whole world. It can be very feminine and delicate, Kind of like your own little secret. Keep in mind, everyone’s skin is different so it can very on just how visible it will be. Touch ups may be needed after the first initial tattoo.


I charge $100 an hour and have a shop minimum of $60 for micro sized tattoos. I ask that you schedule a consult before we set up for the actual tattoo appointment so I am able to talk to you in better detail. This way I am on the same page as you and can create the best design for you. If you are from out of the state, I am happy to work with you through email. For all tattoos over $100, a $50 deposit is required. The deposit goes into the price of your tattoo so you are not paying extra, but I do not start a drawing until I have that. Your deposit secures your appointment time. This deposit is NOT refundable.